oh god

stupid girl look what you did letting them in and giving away a piece of your soul now it is missing and you are hurting again you idiotic girl letting people get close just to break your spirit and spit on your soul the soul you thought you were protecting and now you stare into the sun asking god for a reason why why has he left you all alone and why can't he save you again but you do not want to be saved you wish for it all to end for your own world and your own plan and you stare into the sun thinking of how parts are missing parts of you parts that are important you silly girl thinking you can be loved thinking that love is around the corner that you are pretty and nice and not that fat but all you know is wrong and now you see that the truth is that you are drowning in yourself and you keep hiding from me you stupid girl i can see you there in the darkness where i hunt and hope for me to crush you again and there you go again and scream and cry and hope for help to come but it is not coming he has turned his back agains you or maybe he has not but you sure cannot see his face anymore you silly silly girl who hoped you could have a good time for the last time but no now you are stuck with me in this darkness and you cannot turn around to face the ungreatful people who do not know who you really are who loves the reflected image of you the girl who can and will do anything but you are not her you are weak and dark and baby you are a bitch and you know it and i know that when you open those pretty brown eyes i can devour you whole and keep on doing what i have done before you stupid girl look what you did you let them in and they broke you and now i can bring you down when you turn your back against everything you believe in and there you go again with the pain and the screaming when you know nobody cares nobody knows and nobody can save you from yourself and when you die and get to heaven you will know you cannot get in there you had too much fun and turned your back against the only one who knew you you are turning your back against the light and now you are mine and there is no way out of this now baby close your eyes everything will be fine when i chose you i chose you for a reason and now my love you can walk again and smile again and laugh and wait until i strike again because even if you think the light has saved you there is no turning away from me and what i offer you and now i offer freedom from a god that never loved you and there you go again you cannot run you cannot hide you can just face me

Postat av: Melinda, 19 år & gravid

Nej ingen bebis idag xD

Har inte känt av något, och jag är lite förvånad! JAG LITADE PÅ DIIIG!!!! xD Haha men nejdå, det gör inget om bebisen väntar ett par dagar till ;) Fast det är inte för sent ännu iofs, det är ju över 6 timmar kvar av denna dag ;)

2010-05-15 @ 17:47:58
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