oh snap

One moment I feel like it's okay, we can do this, we can actually live close to eachother and feel like we belong in some way. I love you so much. So. Much. And yet somehow, you can make me feel so small. Everything I do is wrong and I wonder, why am I trying? I'll be leaving in a few months, you'll get rid of me then. We get along and I'm happy and you're happy, but suddenly you snap and I snap back. And you say that you're sorry that you're such a bad person that everybody has to hate all the time. And it gets awkward. I just wish you loved me back. But no. I don't deserve love anymore and the least from you. It sucks. I miss you.

Förövrigt har vi fått in pengar till projektarbetet nu. Gud är verkligen på vår sida i det här!


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